Dressage at Devon Exhibitors!


This year we are trying something new.  You are able to sign-up for photos directly from the website. 

Sign-up option is for 1 horse & rider combo for the show.  As usual, we are offering an exceptional discount for preregistration.  The discounted cost is $175!  The normal cost is $300.  

 Conklin Photographic is the only photographer at Dressage at Devon to photograph every horse and rider during the show.  You do not have to sign-up to be photographed.  You do need to sign-up to take advantage of the discount.

Don't be mislead by others to think you won't be photographed.  Don't be mislead by the overpriced photographers who try to scare you into signing up with them.

To take advantage of the discount, pre-orders must be signed-up and paid no later than 5 p.m. the day BEFORE your first ride. 

  Click on the Devon photo to be taken to the sign-up page.  


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I've been asked why I enjoy photographing horses.  It's not just the horse.  It's the combination of the rider and the horse working together to achieve a mutual goal.  Dressage, jumping, carriage, western, whatever the discipline.  When it all comes together at every level of development, the joy and excitement that both the rider and the horse exhibit is the reason I am there in all sorts of weather and locations to capture that moment in time where success finds itself. 

Enjoy your trip through the sight. Don't hesitate to ask questions. If you are in need of a photographer for any reason, ask. I'm always looking for new challenges.

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